EarthDiverse is just getting started. We’re a new organisation that incorporates a more comprehensive view of all that Planet 3 has to offer: one that combines all the depth and breadth of human diversity—our social, cultural, ethnic, linguistic and religious diversities—with the vast but threatened splendor of the environmental and biological diversity of our world.

In the coming months and year(s), EarthDiverse will continue to offer courses, workshops and seminars; the religious diversity classes will continue to be offered but, over time, we will introduce additional classes that encompass both our cultural and environmental diversities. We’ll also move towards developing educational resources, integrative programmes with hands-on learning opportunities and experiential components, and research and publication projects all designed to better inform us of, and engage with, the multiple diversities of which we are an integral part.

At the moment, our new non-profit organisation is just beginning to take shape, but at its heart is the notion of active engagement with diversity and the principle that learning should be fun and enjoyable in addition to being informative, and the approach that knowledge should be experienced and shared rather than simply known or understood.

We will continue with our existing “Discovering Religious Diversity” series of classes  (previously taught at Fraser High School, and under the auspices of the Waikato Interfaith Council and the Religious Diversity Centre, in Auckland, Hamilton and Tauranga), and are currently introducing a new cycle of classes on Contemporary Issues in Religious Studies. This new series of classes began in February 2019 with Term 1 focused on “Religious Fundamentalism, Extremism and Terrorism” and the Term 2 class on “Religion and Non-Violence.” A new Term 3 class on “Other ’Isms” is currently being offered in Hamilton and a class entitled “New Religious Movements” is currently being planned for Term 4.

New Religious Diversity classes are currently being offered in Term 3 in both Te Awamutu and Tauranga. Please visit our Religious Diversity classes page for more information.

New Language classes in both Hindi and Hebrew are currently being offered in Hamilton in Terms 3 & 4. Our language classes are designed specifically for our mainstream majority populations to better engage with, and learn about, our Aotearoan minorities, i.e. non-European languages not usually taught in New Zealand. Additional languages will be offered in 2020, so stay tuned! Please visit our Language classes page for more information.

We have also launched a seminar series on current issues of diversity, with invited guest speakers on a wide variety of topical issues. See our Upcoming Events and Previous Events pages for more information.

Page last updated 10 June 2019.