EarthDiverse is pleased to announce the formation of new introductory language classes for 2020 Term 1 in Hebrew, Hindi and Urdu. We currently offer separate introductory Hindi classes for both kids and adults. Hindi classes focus on the Devanāgrī script while new Urdu language classes offer instruction using the Nastaʿlīq script. Registration for all EarthDiverse classes is now available for Term 1 classes on our Registration page, but please read descriptions of each of our classes on this page (and on subsequent linked pages) first before registering. All EarthDiverse classes begin the week of 10 February 2020 (except for our Hebrew classes, which begin the week on Monday 3 February) and last for 8 weeks. Existing Hindi and Hebrew classes begun in 2019 will continue into 2020 while new introductory groups have formed for 2020 Term 1 classes.

EarthDiverse is currently offering Religious Diversity and Language class offerings for 2020 Term 1 in Hamilton and Te Awamutu. Tauranga classes will return in 2020 Term 3. See the links below for further information on dates/times and costs and registration.

NEWS: online registration and payment for 2020 Term 1 classes is now available on our Registration page, but please first read about the details of these classes by following the links below!


In EarthDiverse’s 2020 Religious Diversity series, there are three distinct sets of classes: the first is introductory, focusing on the history, development and contemporary beliefs & practices of the world’s main religious traditions; the second series explores contemporary issues in diversity over four distinct Term classes; and the third, our new ‘World Religions’ series, offers four in-depth classes of eight-weeks each Term on Judaism, Islam, Hinduism and Buddhism. Classes are currently being taught in Hamilton and Te Awamutu, with Tauranga classes offered in Terms 3 & 4. For more detailed information on each of these series and their respective four Term classes, click here or select ClassesReligious Diversity classes from the menu above.


Introductory Language classes in Hebrew, Hindi and Urdu are currently being offered throughout 2020 in Hamilton, with Intermediate class offerings coming in Term 3 . Arabic language classes coming in Term 2, beginning week of Monday 4 May 2020. Click here for more information on content, times and locations, or select Classes ➞ Language Classes from the menu above.


For more information on Meditation classes offered by Pam Chiles (Mondays 1:00-2:00pm) click here or select ClassesOngoing classes from the menu above.

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