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Term 1 Registration and payment information can be found on our Registration page.

Our Introductory Urdu language classes begin in Term 1 with a focus on learning the Nastaʿlīq (نستعلیق) script and basic conversation and vocabulary. Subsequent Terms reinforce both reading and writing, and focus on grammar, conversation and vocabulary.

EarthDiverse currently offers the following Urdu language classes:

  • Urdu 101: Introductory Urdu – Term 1 (offered 2020 Term 1)
  • Urdu 102: Introductory Urdu – Term 2
  • Urdu 103: Introductory Urdu – Term 3
  • Urdu 104: Introductory Urdu – Term 4
  • Urdu 201: Intermediate Urdu – Term 1
  • Urdu 202: Intermediate Urdu – Term 2
  • Urdu 203: Intermediate Urdu – Term 3
  • Urdu 204: Intermediate Urdu – Term 4

The first series of Introductory Urdu classes (101-104) will continue throughout 2020. Intermediate Urdu (201-204) will be offered during the 2021 year.

Our 2020 Urdu classes are generally for adults and teens. If you are interested in a separate class for younger children that does not focus on literacy, please contact us at <info@earthdiverse.org.nz> as there may be other parents who are interested as well, in which case it may be possible to add a short spoken language class for young children.

Faisal Masjid, Islamabad

The following Urdu class is currently being offered in Hamilton in 2020 Term 1:


Our Term 1 Introductory Urdu 101 class is specifically designed for adults (and older teens) who do not know how to read, write or speak the Urdu language, who who are unfamiliar with the Nastaʿlīq (نستعلیق) script.

Term 1 Introductory classes began with learning Nastaʿlīq script, writing and reading practice, and include basic introductory grammar and some conversation. Term 2 classes will continue with Nastaʿlīq reading and writing practice, and will continue with introductory grammar, vocabulary, and conversation. Adults and older teens who already understand and speak Urdu, but who do not know how to read and write in Nastaʿlīq, may chose to enroll in the Term 1 course only.

Introductory Urdu 101 is being offered this year on Tuesday afternoons from 4:00-5:30pm. Term 1 classes begin on Tuesday 11 February 2020 and run for eight successive weeks, with the last class of the Term held on Tuesday 31 March 2020. Subsequent classes (Urdu 102, 103, and 104) will be held in the same time slot for the rest of the year.

Cost per person per Term (8 classes):

  • Waged: $104 (includes $4 online registration fee)
  • Unwaged (unemployed, students, seniors): $84 (includes $4 online registration fee)

The course fee includes all teaching materials. Individual notebooks for note taking are not provided. Students must bring their own notebooks and pens/pencils.


Term 1 Registration and payment information can be found on our Registration page.


COURSE MATERIALS: An “Introductory Urdu” text, written by Dr Todd Nachowitz, is included in the course fees. These are currently being distributed in class as handouts, but will comprise a completed textbook once the course is completed. Students should purchase a loose-leaf binder and a notebook for taking notes.

INSTRUCTOR: Classes are taught by Dr Todd Nachowitz, who has been studying Hindi and Urdu since 1978, and has lived and worked in India and Pakistan during the 1980s and 1990s. Todd has studied Hindi under the tutelage of Dr Tej Bhatia of Syracuse University, (1978-1980) and Pandit Virendra Singh of Varanasi (1980-1988), and studied Urdu under the direction of Dr Muhammad Umar Memon at the University of Wisconsin, Ustad Qamar Jalil of Lahore, Pakistan, and with Urdu Calligrapher Ustad Shor Sahab (also of Lahore) since 1983. Todd has taught both Hindi and Urdu at Syracuse University in upstate New York, at the University of Wisconsin-Madison in the United States, as Director of the University of Wisconsin-Madison’s College Year in India Programme in Varanasi (1985-1988), and as Field Director of the University of California-Berkeley’s Berkley Urdu Language Programme in Pakistan (BULPIP) in Lahore in 1991-1992.

Dr Todd Nachowitz, Humayan’s Tomb, New Delhi, India, February 2015.

LOCATION: all language classes are held at Artmakers Trust, Norris Ward Park Arts Centre, 2 Seddon Road, Hamilton, located on the corner of Ward Street and Seddon Road. The carpark entrance is off Seddon Road at the back of Norris Ward Park. The classroom is immediately to the left of the Waikato Society of Potters studio. There is plenty of free parking available in the carpark just outside the classroom. Bikes are also welcomed!

To REGISTER for our Urdu class, please go to our Registration page by clicking on the ‘Registration’ link in the Main Menu above, or by clicking here. Then scroll down to the appropriate section under Urdu Language classes and choose the correct ‘Pay Now’ button to initiate registration and payment.

2020 Term 1 Registration is now available!

Please contact us at <info @ earthdiverse.org.nz> if you wish to join a class currently in session.

Additional classes, such as a class for much younger children that focuses on conversational skills only, may be considered if there are enough children ready to enroll. Please contact us if you may be interested in such a class.

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